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Capture As

Capture as configures the Tracker form for collecting data used to create the dispatch.

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    "$capture": {
        "as": "<control>",
        .. attributes ..
    "default": .. optional default value to set ..    

JSON Schema property standard attributes

    "title": "<title>",
    "description": "<optional description>",
    "type": "string"|"number"|"array"|"object",
    "minimum": 0,
    "maximum": 10,
    "enum":["apple", "orange"],
    "default": "apple"

All fields support rule.

Target Description Documentation
autocomplete Autocomplete See Autocomplete
block Block See Block
boolean Boolean toggle switch See BooleanToggleSwitch
check Check See Check
check-list Checkbox list See CheckList
clock-range Clock range See ClockRange
clock-single Clock single See ClockSingle
convert Convert See Convert
droplet Droplet See Droplet
dropdown Dropdown See Dropdown
dynamic Dynamic See Dynamic
help help See Help
horizontal-rule Horizontal rule See HorizontalRule
icon-multi IconMulti See Icon
location Location See Location
measure Measure See Measure
number Number See Number
popup Popup See Popup
quote Quote See Quote
radio Radio See Radio
range Range See Range
rating Rating See Rating
stars Stars See Stars
text | readonly Text field See TextField
time Time See Time
timer Timer See Timer
title Title See Title
toggle-button Toggle Button See ToggleButton
toggle-button Toggle Button See ToggleButton
trigger Trigger See Trigger
static Static See Static
image-annotation Image Annotation See ImageAnnotation
switch Switch See switch
date-range Date Range See DateRange
date-single Date Single See DateSingle