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Display a Dashboard card with different dataSource connections allow a user to dispatch the card info based on provided configuration.


  • tile=dashboard
  • title
  • connect: Provide an datasource connection object
    • ..standard fields..
    • options:
      • background: default background color of card
      • message: provide a message to display in tracker
      • icon
      • ifComplete: show | hide. Display dashboard card based on this one by default is show.
      • singular: Text to display when having one dispatches
      • zero: Text to display when not having a dispatches
      • plural: Text to display when having more than one dispatches
      • dispatch: provide dispatch information for processing the dispatch like provide a tracker handle,etc...
      • instruction: Show Description before dispatching the data
      • complete: Show Description after dispatching the data
      • image: image for dashboard cards
  • dashboard: Provide a configuration related to filter the connection objects for e.g timeseries


  "tile": "dashboard",
  "dashboard": {
    "timeSeries": "YYYY-MM-DD; DD MMM; P1D"
  "connect": [
      "title": "Wellness test",
      "source": "wellness",
      "pick": "1",
      "apply": "sum(ls)",
      "state": "result >= 1",
      "options": {
        "background": "#5DB354",
        "message": "Wellness check in",
        "icon": "user-check fas",
        "instruction": "Hello  test description",
        "singular": "Complete dispatch of single data!",
        "plural": "Complete dispatch of list of enteries",
        "zero": "Having No entries",
        "complete": "Description after getting dispatches",
        "dispatch": {
          "tracker": "wellness",
          "features": {
            "users": "hidden",
            "time": "hidden"