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Query format

The query format starts with the specific items to query for followed by the details of the query.

Qualifier* Range? Search? Sort? Limit? Status?

Qualifiers are separated by comma which acts as a logical OR so that the result contains the combination of all the qualifiers provided.

Note that by default - If no range is provided the result is a stream from today up to one year in the past sorted by creation date descending - Range returns from start to end ascending - Sort can be overridden

Some examples

all users
given trackers [notes] from today as year
given swimlanes [announcements] from today to -2 weeks


Qualifiers identify what data to return. They can be combined together to bring back several different kinds.

Qualifier Definition
all users Return all users
given users [<uid>|<email>,*] Just specific users
given author [<uid>|<email>,*] Just specific authors
current user The current user
current user [cohort|program|following|followers] Users based on their relation to the current user
given|except groups [<uid>|<handle>,*] Including or excluding specific groups
given|except user-labels [<handle>,*] Users with a specific label
given programs [<uid>|<handle>,*] Users who are in a specific program instance
given program-kind [<uid>|<handle>,*] Users that have taken a program kinds
given program-kind-active [<uid>|<handle>,*] Users currently active in a program kinds
given cohorts [<uid>,*] Specific cohorts
all swimlanes All swimlanes
given|except swimlanes [<uid>|<handle>,*] Specific swimlanes
given shares [<uid>,*] Specific global swimlane shares