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Program Setup Steps:-

Follow the below steps to set up a program dashboard in any org.


  • Create a group in admin -> groups -> group[Add a user to that particular group]
  • Create Program and setup require configuration. admin -> programs[Note: Update the program kind at latest stage]
  • Create a content. admin -> content[setup a content data based on requirements]. [Note: Enable a security group]
  • Create a designer from admin -> designer[Note: Enable a security group] and link a content and designer using the content id.
  • Link the designer to programs. admin -> programs -> program kind.[Provide a programs day in designer and link with it programs]
  • Set up a clipboard in navigation menu for web and mobile for example below. Here Provide an id for designer to display the card.
      "title": "Clipboard",
      "icon": "far fa-clipboard",
      "target": "experimental",
      "options": {
        "id": "e89a4b59-7217-4c5b-b79d-59513ecb3101"
      "_id": "33"
  • Set up a relevant tracker which is using in tracking variant of designer for program day dispatches.
  • Added a user to programs to show the program to that user.[Note: If not add a user in program that program is not visible to anyone.]
    • Below are the steps to add the user to program
      • admin -> Program -> userList
  • Also setup rule within admin -> designer -> program Definition like image