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Chart based on script response or dispatch data.

Name Description
component chart
mappingg Array: mapping array for data
elements Array: element definition array
dataSource ID: data source id
styles Object: styles

Mapping array

Name Description
from path to data
as identifier: String, Number, Date
scale linear
format Number format

Elements array

Name Description
shape identifier: bar, line
color color hex value
borderRadius number


  "component": "chart",
  "styles": {
    "height": "120px"
  "mapping": [
      "from": "label",
      "as": "String"
      "from": "steps",
      "as": "Number",
      "scale": "linear"      
  "elements": [
      "shape": "bar",
      "color": "#FF4F55",
      "borderRadius": 10
  "dataSource": "steps",
  "options": {}