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User Import

For user import data you can used different fields as mention below:-


Here fields exists with the any name. You can provide a field name based on your needs, and it's not necessary to provide fields respective to column display in UI. You can alias with any name. For e.g email = user_email not necessary to used email only. Field name are not case-sensitive.

  • email: Provide a user email. It's mandatory fields
  • first: Provide a user first name. It's mandatory fields
  • last: Provide a user last name. It's mandatory fields
  • displayName: Provide a user display name
  • phoneNumber: Provide a user phone number
  • groupId: Provide a user group Id
  • externalId: Provide a user external id
  • gender: Provide a user gender
  • genderDetail: Provide a user gender detail
  • dob: Provide a user date of birth


name email username dob gender externalId genderDetail phoneNumber first
xxxx--xx test 2021-03-04 female xxxxxxxxx This is a body xxxxxxxxxx test