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Setting up navigation

Navigation is defined separately for web and mobile but the structure is the same.

    "primary": [
        ... entry ...
    "secondary": [
        ... entry ...
    "options": { .. options ... },
    "background: []



  • target: Enumeration - valid target
  • title: String - title to appear in the menu
  • icon: String - icons from latest version of
  • name: String - unqiue name when targets are duplicated
  • options: Object - based on target
  • condition: Condition rule


Target Description Documentation
stream Display a stream of dispatch data See Stream
join Allow users to enter a join code
calendar Calendar view with dispatch data See Calendar
`` Works the same as the post shortcut
page Markup language page See Page
chat Main chat entry
chart Chart explorer See Grid
grid Grid with dispatch data See Grid
page-grid Grid with dispatch data and layouts See Page grid
page-search Similar to page grid
roster User list based on viewers security See Roster
script A form for executing a script See Script
link Open an external URL See Link
notebooks Root level wiki pages See Wiki
wiki Specific wiki page See Wiki
schedule Allows the user to configure a recurrent dispatch
catalog Displays the program catalog
relations Displays the current user's related users
post Works the same as the post shortcut


These targets require an additional path parameter.

Target Description Required fields
user/<user id> User custom page

System targets

These targets are supplied automatically. They can be removed using blacklist.

Target Description Required fields
about About
profile User profile
inbox User inbox

Native targets

These targets work only on mobile and require additional org authorization to function.

Target Description Required fields
phone VOIP phone
contacts Access the users address book

Example entry

    "title": "Calendar",
    "icon": "far fa-calendar",
    "target": "calendar",
    "options": {
        "query": "all users",
        "dayFormat": [":icon", ":templateMultiline"]