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Lifecycle hooks

Lifecycle data is available via the param function. The mock function can be used to test the script by populating a test avlue.


mock("dispatchId", "a4976adf-997e-4f27-b8a8-080a4c55550b");
local dispatchId = param("dispatchId")

-- the dispatchId represents the dispatch that triggered the lifecycle

General attributes

  • userId: user id
  • dispatchId: relevant dispatch id
  • trackerId: tracker id
  • labelId
  • groupId
  • disposition: create
  • programId
  • body: JSON body


Event Paramters
User lifecycle userId
Web hook body
Program event userId, programId, disposition
Label event userId, labelId, disposition
Group event userId, groupId, disposition
Dispatch userId, dispatchId, trackerId