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Count iterator

An iterator that would iterate the dataSource and render the values using the child component definition

Name Description
component count-iterator
child singleton component to build into a list


Name Description
to Number - ending number; inclusive if one based, exclusive if zero based
from Number - starting number; default is 1
step Number - how much to increment; default is 1 if one based or 0 if zero based
zeroBased boolean - if true then counting is zero based; default is false
max Optional Number - an override for to; if present and greater than to will override it


  "component": "count-iterator",
  "id": "setsCounter",
  "options": {
    "to": "{data.$.final.sets}"
  "child": {}

If zeroBased is true then counting to 10 would be 0..9, if false then counting to 10 would be 1..10.