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The command line interface is intended to help automate actions that would be repetitive through the web administration console. Requires node and npm.


  1. Install Node 8 or later, see instructions.
  2. Install using npm: npm i weave-cli -g


Use npm: npm update weave-cli -g


  1. Initialize your configuration by running weave-cli login and follow prompts
  2. To see available commands run weave-cli -h

Spec files

Some of the commands take input files that define the updates. These files are formatted as JSON.

The example spec file:

        "name": "Total Quality Recovery",
        "handle": "tqr",
        "color": "green",
        "icon": "plug",
        "displayFormat": "TQR: {tqr}",
        "displayExpression": null,
        "hasBody": "none",
        "file": "./trackers/tracker1.json"
The file attribute contains JSON to configure the tracker. Use for any attribute noted "as file".