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A dropdown with a list of items for user to selected

Name Description
component dropdown
text label for the dropdown
selectedValue default value to be selected, if none provided, first one will be selected
items list of value pair items for the dropdown
dataSource TBD, a datasource to retrieve value pair items for the dropdown
action action to perform when user tap/click on the button, this can be text such as close and platform
will implement the action or an action object. Some valid actions are
createDispatch, dispatch, etc, with each action provided proper params


Name Description
close close the current screen
object if object is a json object that has target attribute, will invoke the target (see Actions targets below)

Action targets

Name Description
invokeScript invoke a script with options as jsonParams
moveToBucket Move item from one bucket to another, required fromBucketHandle and toBucketHandle in the options attribute


 "component": "dropdown",
 "text": "Qty:",
 "defaultValue": 1,
 "items": [
   "value": 1,
   "text": 1
   "value": 2,
   "text": 2
   "value": 3,
   "text": 3