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Calendar or agenda display


  • options
    • query - Dispatch query
    • dayFormat - string array of day formats used to display the entry in the calendar
    • trackerDayFormat - tracker handle to format mapping for tracker based display
    • initialView - "agenda" | "month"
    • variant - "default" | "expanded" | "edit"
    • dayLayoutId - mobile (flutter) only. Layout to be used to render each day of the month, dispatches for that day will be passed to the layout as contextDispatches data source
    • futureEntries- mobile (flutter) only, if false, will not rendered future entries
    • showActions - mobile (flutter) only , if false, won't show the right actions, default to true

Day formats

  • :icon - swimlane or tracker icon if set (in that order)
  • :swimlaneIcon - swimlane icon
  • :trackerIcon - tracker icon
  • :display - display name which is either the user or swimlane name
  • :tracker - tracker name
  • :color - color dot
  • :body - single line body
  • :bodyMultiline - multiline body truncated to 512 characters
  • :template - single line template (based on the Tracker)
  • :templateMultiline - multi line template
  • :wrapper - color wrapper
  • :faded - faded color wrapper
  • :time - start time or body if no start time

Default for mobile is [":wrapper", ":default", ":time"]. The default for web is [":default", ":color", ":icon", ":body"]


Note that the dispatch query should not include a from clause. This will be added automatically to correspond to the user selected time frame.


    "title": "Calendar",
    "icon": "far fa-calendar",
    "target": "calendar",
    "options": {
        "query": "all users",
        "dayFormat": [":icon", ":templateMultiline"],
        "trackerDayFormat": {
            "photo": [":icon"]