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Dispatch carousel

Display a Carousel with dispatches data and configurable layouts.


  • options
    • query - Provide a Dispatch query
    • layoutId - Provide a layout id to be display layout within a Carousel.
    • mapping - [Object]
      • Provide an object to map with dispatches values.
    • styles - Provide a styles for card widgets
    • classes - Provide a classes for card widgets


  "target": "dispatch-carousel",
  "icon": "far fa-star text-warning",
  "options": {
    "query": "given trackers [project-details]",
    "id": "ce3b0915-9d02-4073-8986-1d0f3f51ba08",
    "layoutId": "c4a0de4e-adc1-4507-9cab-420f5cdd641f",
    "mapping": {
      "backgroundColor": "bgcolor",
      "foregroundColor": "fgcolor",
      "shape": "shape",
      "url": "shapeUrl",
      "title": "title"
  "condition": "false",
  "title": "Program Carousel",
  "name": "dispatch-carousel",
  "_id": "41"