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Sortcut configuration

  "list": [
      "name": "Swimlane",
      "icon": "star",
      "target": "post",
      "options": { ... }              
    ... additional entries ...

List object fields

Target Description Required fields
name Display name Required
icon Icon string Required for primary
target One of the targets below Required
options Option configuration Varies by target



Target Description Required fields
post Create a dispatch See dispatch options
form Start a form flow See form options
share Share using mobile device options See share options
Nav target Any valid navigation target

Dispatch options

The following attributes can be used for a Post configuration. They are all optional.

  • user: user id for the dispatch
  • batchId: batch id
  • serviceId: service id
  • swimlane: swimlane id or handle
  • tracker: tracker id or handle
  • date : date format following YYYY-MM-DD
  • data : data to merge in
  • triggerMedia:
  • rule : dispatch properties to overide
  • features: override the tracker setting
  • users: off | on | hidden

Form options

The form action will initiate a layout view.

  • id: id of the layout to use
  • closeBehavior: confirm | default; will determine whether the form can simply close or should prompt the user first.

Share options

The share action will open the built in share functionality of the mobile device. This will generally allow the user to share content using their installed applications that support sharing. No authentication is needed since the data flow is one way only.

  • subject: subject to share
  • message: message
  • url: URL to share
  • chooserTitle: Title for the chooser
  • appPackageName : Android only; the id of the app to share with