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Allow user to join the different group by entering the invites code. For that first need to create invites code from admin panel -> invite codes and setup a security group to that invite code entry and provide that code to another join that group.


  • tile=groups
  • title
  • body: body text to be display
  • mode: join | list. By default, is list.
  • joinTextField: Placeholder display in textField
  • joinSuccess: Provide a text to display after successful joining
  • joinButton: Describe the join button text
  • autoConfirm: true | false
  • empty: display a text when list is empty
  • behavior: [Object type]
    • step
    • action
    • call
    • value
  • options: [Objects]
    • except: Provide a group handle to filter out the group list.
    • back: [Object Type]
    • title
    • target: share | script
    • name
    • options: [objects]
      • id: provide an id to run the script
      • params: provide a params for script by default is {"userId": current user id}
      • success: Indicate a success message
    • iconClass: deprecated
    • icon
    • path: valid path
    • valid: true | false
    • counts: valid path
    • match: valid path
    • runtime
    • background
    • condition: valid condition


  "tile": "groups",
  "title": "Testing a groups tile",
  "mode": "join",
  "joinButton": "Join Group",
  "body": "Hey Please join the group clicking on join button",
  "joinTextField": "Please enter the code",
  "joinSuccess": "Now you part of this org",
  "autoConfirm": "true"


  "tile": "groups",
  "title": "Testing a groups tile for list mode",
  "options": {
    "except": [
    "back": {
      "title": "list mode Group",
      "target": "share",
      "options": {
        "message": "Sharing the group to social site",
        "subject": "Testing Group",
        "success": "Successfully shared"