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Query format

[user designation], [channel kinds] [with unread]?

Query syntax

current user, all|common local|global
current user, given local|global [self, org, managed, direct, inbox, dispatch]
given user [id], (qualifier)
<all above> with unread

Only query the channel categories that are needed for the application.

Common: direct, self, org All: + managed, inbox

The given user phrase will only work via the admin interface. The org query covers org, ad-hoc and group channels. Others are mapped directly to the channel kind.

Adding with unread will return only the channels with unread data and will include unread count.


The response is a list of ChannelInfo objects.

Object interface

  • id: String
  • status: Option[String]
  • name: Option[String]
  • kind: direct|org|managed|self|ad*hoc|group|dispatch
  • createdAt: Option[DateTime]
  • lastRead: Option[DateTime]
  • position: Option[Long]
  • lastWrite: Option[DateTime]
  • lastMessage: Option[String]
  • unreadCount: Option[Long]**
  • orgId: Option[SafeUuid]
  • orgName: Option[String]
  • setting: Option[String]
  • icon: Option[String]
  • ownerId: Option[String]
  • linkedChannelId: Option[SafeUuid]
  • editPermission: Option[String]
  • writePermission: Option[String]
  • managedStatus: Option[String]
  • managedLatest: Option[DateTime]

** unreadCount will only be returned if with unread is specified.

General usage

To get all channels for the local org

current user, all local

To get all local channels with unread messages

current user, all local with unread

To get all channels with unread messages for any org

current user, all global with unread

It is also possible to get specific sets of channels

current user, given local [self, org, managed, direct]

Dispatch will be added as a channel category.


Returns channels for the current org that have unread counts

current user, all local with unread

Returns all channels for the current org

current user, all local

Unified query interface

To simplify the interface for getting lists of channels. The interface is available on both the user and admin GraphQL interface as channelQuery and takes a query parameter which is required.

In general the pattern should be:

  1. At startup request the list of channels that the UI needs to display, e.g. current user, given local [org, direct]
  2. At startup retrieve the unread count via current user, all local with unread.. this will exclude channels that do not have any unread numbers.
  3. When a screen specific display is needed show that list, e.g. current user, given local [dispatch] OR current user, given local [managed]
  4. When channel read position is updated OR new packets come in a further debounced call to current user, all local with unread to get the updated unread counts. Note that this information will get sent over the socket soon to further reduce the server query needs.
  5. If a global unread count is desired use current user, all global with unread