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Display the list like component based on dispatch query and list the data against the content data.Display tracker when user click on any of list.

  • tile:data-list
  • title
  • path: used to filter out the data based on provide path
  • query: dispatch query using that display the list
  • documentId: content id
  • opts: contain the template details to display the details in list based on configuration
  • height: list component height
  • tracker: tracker id used to load the tracker controls when user click on the list
  • heightVals: maintain the list component height based on provided values
  • style: list styles


  "tile": "data-list",
  "query": "current user, given tracker [asthma-attack-medicine]",
  "documentId": "9fccd0d1-c634-4b72-b859-3e0e9bd69af5",
  "opts": {
    "listTemplate": [
    "searchTemplate": [
  "height": "30",
  "heightVals": [
  "style": {
    "root": {
      "marginTop": "10px",
      "borderTop": "2px solid #6c757d"
  "path": "name",
  "tracker": "7d8b2bba-0980-408b-bcab-19bc2a31e0a3",
  "title": "緊急薬"