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Display a dispatches list based on configuration query and Allow user to search the data from the content configuration data in same list.


  • tile:data-list
  • tabs: [Array of Objects] Necessary to provide at least one option
    • query: Provide a valid Dispatch Query
    • tracker: Provide a Tracker id for the dispatches
    • title: Title display in the tab
    • path: Provide a path to filter the data from the contents
  • opts: [Object]
    • listTemplate: Provide a template string to display list item content which matches with the dispatches.
    • searchTemplate: Provide a template string search from the list.
  • documentId: Provide a content id
  • searchType: Provide a search type it should be "dropdown" | "fields". Based this render a search control. Field render text field while dropdown render dropdown. by Default, it's fields type.
  • dropPath: [Object] Provide a path for dropdown
    • title: Provide a key for display value withing in title
    • value: Provide a key for dropdown value.
  • className:


  "tile": "data-list",
  "tabs": [
      "query": "current user, given tracker [user-details]",
      "title": "User Details",
      "tracker": "a9889fbc-1229-4f75-b17d-3ca80f80b919",
      "path": "name"
  "documentId": "339527b0-2e2f-4cb1-9630-2b0f97cc6750",
  "searchType": "dropdown",
  "dropPath": {
    "title": "name",
    "value": "name"
  "opts": {
    "listTemplate": [
    "searchTemplate": [