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It will create a different kind of dashboard based on requirements.


  • options
    • query - Provide a query program query that show the list of program on the dashboard
    • mode - Provide a mode of program "trainer" | "fixed" | "open" | "open-variable".
    • title - Provide a title of program
    • programStatsQuery - Provide a query for display the cohorts in respective to program.
    • participantQuery - Provide a query for display participant within in a program
    • programKindGroup - [Object]
    • excludes - [String Array] Display a dashboard excludes a program.
    • includes - [String Array] Display a dashboard includes a program.
    • clickedTracker - Provide a tracker id for tracking the dashboard column[Optional]

Following are the dashboard types:-

  • Fixed:- Display a dashboard with fixed mode. Where Program start date and end date are fixed.
  • Open:- Display a dashboard with open mode. Where Program start date is consider when user join the program.
  • Open with variable starts:- Display the dashboard with open mode with different time span with each users.
  • Tracking columns:- Display the dashboard with track columns on dashboard
  • Exception columns:- Display the dashboard to provide a query that returns only specific user/data combinations and use that to flag the view in the dashboard.
  • Trainer Dashboard:- Display a trainer dashboard base on configured query.


Mode Description Documentation
fixed Fixed Dashboard See Fixed Dashboard
open Open Dashboard See Open Dashboard
trainer Trainer Dashboard See Trainer Dashboard
open-variable Open Variable Dashboard See Open variable Dashboard

Additional customization

Type Description Documentation
exceptionQuery Display a dashboard with exception query See Exception query dashboard
trackingColumn Display a dashboard with tracking column See Tracking Column dashboard