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Dispatch table

Display the result from the dispatch query as a table

Name Description
component dispatch-table
title a layout widget use to display as a heading OR a String
query a dispatch query to execute
columns see Column below. Provide a configurable column for dispatch table
options see Options below. Options for the dispatch table
styles styles for the table


Name Description
title title of the dispatch table cell
metric provide a dispatch metric value for dispatch table cell. Will be ignored if template is provided
template a layout widget use to build each cell of this column. Context dispatch will be passed to this template (optional)
styles A map of header and column styling


Name Description
selectionMode define selection mode, open or select
actions an array of Action


Name Description
title provide a title of the action column header
icon provide an icon for action cell
value provide a dispatch action, valid values are open, edit, and delete
styles same as style def for Column above


  "ux": {
    "component": "dispatch-table",
    "title": {
        "component": "text",
        "text": "User rated pain level",
        "styles": {
            "root": {
                "fontWeight": "bold"
    "query": "given tracker [a9e0aad0-6747-4e2f-a790-1502b9e6e680]",
    "rowsPerPage": 5,
    "columns": [
        "title": "Gender",
        "metric": "dropdown_prop"
        "title": "Pain level",
        "metric": "range_prop"
    "options": {
      "selectionMode": "open",
      "actions": [
          "title": "Open",
          "icon": "far fa-arrow-up-right-from-square",
          "value": "open"
          "title": "Edit",
          "icon": "far fa-pen-to-square",
          "value": "edit"