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Show a kanban board for provided kanban board id.

Configuration within in menu

  "target": "kanban-board",
  "icon": "far fa-star",
  "options": {
    "id": "ec916cff-8e2c-4502-a830-d52c494091d6"
  "title": "Dispatch Kanban Board",
  "_id": "1059"

Kanban board configuration in system:-

Provide a following configuration within Admin -> Kanban. With following config:- - $options: [Objects] - title: Provide a kanban board title - kind: dispatch-box | user-box - column: [Objects] - completed: true | false - selected: [Array of string] - Provide a list of selected labels handles - populationQuery: Provide a query populate a kanban boards data at initial stage.


  "$options": {
    "title": "Kanban Dispatch Board Testing",
    "kind": "dispatch-box",
    "column": {
      "completed": "true",
      "selected": [
    "populationQuery": "given labels[dispatch-test,test] from -1 month"